Huanghelou (soft short lundao) cigarette 黄鹤楼(软短论道)

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Huanghelou (soft short lundao) cigarette Yellow crane tower, the soft short lundao cigarette is the cigarette use high-grade mainstream aesthetic design of a breakthrough product, the product with its inherent innovation factors make the yellow crane tower brand won the 2006 annual "brand of Chinese enterprise marketing breakthrough innovation", as the market hot spots. Cultural characteristics: More talk: yellow crane tower is the three famous towers, for landscape, landscape with the arrivals, since the jin dynasties son of a prominent, bookman, rushed to cower before and gather wine to respond, discuss without doing, leaving and moving poems fude and beautiful legends.Yellow crane tower, talk, adhering to the world more beautiful genes, to display the packaging aesthetics to the extreme.The word of the man, the way of doing things, the way of business, learning...World best way, enrichment, meanwhile, delicate taste, aftertaste endless. Red, black, respecting talk packaging used the contrast of black and red, both inherited the classic elements of ancient Chinese aesthetics, also expressed the plain dialectics thought, the unity of opposites and interdependence, direct echo "talk" theme. Only beautiful calligraphy: talk the side of the innovative packaging design to rewrite the history of the cigarette packaging culture, replacing the original content such as flue gas index is the "sage of our contemporary" yu you-ren calligraphy font.Male hao beautiful, dilute QingJi, deportment myriad, superb cursive font, in casual between present the aesthetic essence of Chinese calligraphy. Product features: Function of tobacco: talk in kneading function is added to the process of tobacco, add special herbal extract the feature of tobacco, with special barrel storage quality, on the base that sensory design value to make more unique flavor, soft continous implements the flue gas, pleasant embellish the sweet feeling smoking back. Scent source expansion: implementation of the country "the cigarette brand flavouring system build" project, upon completion of more than 150 kinds of monomer incense base effect, on the basis of classification study, utilizing the plant extracting technology, redeployment incense base built dozens of plates, greatly expand the talk of the yellow crane tower spices like nuances, make have more unique style. DNA anti-counterfeiting: talk USES 1916 DNA anti-counterfeiting technology, the technology is more complex than the printing press process of composite anti-counterfeiting technology, this technology can ensure that each a pack of cigarettes has unique security authentication.Besides with a special instrument to detect DNA anti-counterfeiting layer, daily to identify available infrared irradiation brothers head position, can appear light green light. Huanghelou (soft short lundao) cigarette Product characteristics Type: type flue-cured tobacco specifications: 74 mm Tar: 8 mg smoke nicotine volume: 0.8 mg flue gas carbon monoxide: 8 mg The little box of bar code: 6901028185394 package bar code: 6901028185400

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