Honghe 99 Soft

  • Model: 红河(软99)


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The Honghe (99 soft) cigarette [Characteristics] taste selection of domestic and foreign high-quality first-class tobacco leaves, unique technology application of independent intellectual property rights of the "three stage formula" and a number of harm reduction tar technology elaborate; elegant aroma, elegant, delicate, smooth finish of flue gas, clean and comfortable, long aftertaste. [packing decoration in Benniu modeling for the main pattern, pioneering, truth-seeking endeavor contains the idea of enterprise. The blue background reflected deep introverted conception, unique mellow extraordinary temperament, meaning nine nine nature life. Design, text layout is concise, balanced and coordinated and rich aesthetic form of composition. Transfer laser paper printing process, unique texture of the packaging appearance of crystal clear, fine grain, the trademark reached a delicate and unique packaging effect. The Red River (soft 99) Product features Type: flue-cured tobacco type specification: 84mm soft Tar: 8mg nicotine: 0.8mg flue gas carbon monoxide volume: 9mg Box bar code: 6901028055093 package bar code: 6901028055390

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