Furongwang Blue New

  • Model: 芙蓉王(硬蓝新版)


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Furong Wang (hard blue new version) tastes

Ignite one (do not pinch the bead), take a light breath, the suction resistance is larger, the amount of smoke is less, and it feels not as full as the hard blue king, but the smoke is softer and more delicate, and there is no obvious scraping through the nose. Wiping, stimulation is small, comfort is not bad, but lack of smoothness like flowing water; lack of satisfaction in the lungs, lack of mellow, more transparent.

From the aspect of aroma, the flavor of tobacco is clear, not rich, and the fragrance is in line with the hard blue hibiscus, but it is slightly thinner.

Do not pinch the taste of the bead, the quality is not bad, the consistency is good, no thorns and no impurities, the aftertaste is clean and comfortable.

From the new one (pinch the broken beads), take a light breath, the fresh and sweet taste of the silk enters the nose and mouth, the sweetness is more obvious than the fine yellow hibiscus king blasting, and the fusion with the tobacco fragrant is very harmonious, making the aroma More plump, while the sense of moistness has also improved, the taste is more comfortable.

After the beading was broken, there was no obvious fluffy hairiness, which is better than most of the beaded cigarettes.

Compared with the old version, the taste is obviously different, but it feels that adding a bead can only be used as a selling point rather than a bright spot, and the taste of the bead is not high.

But in general, the quality of the flue gas and the taste of the beading are also quite satisfactory, and they are comfortable to smoke, and personally feel that they are worthy of this price.

Product Type: Flue-cured

Tar amount: 10mg

Nicotine amount: 1.0mg

Carbon monoxide amount: 11mg

Packing: hard box (20 per box, 10 boxes each)

Cigarette specifications: 84mm explosion beads

Small box barcode: 6901028063876

Large box barcode: 6901028063883

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