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As early as the creation of "Double Happiness" in 1906, it was characterized by the full display of tobacco flavor. A century has passed, "Double Happiness" under the support of the new technology platform, perfectly restored the original flavor of tobacco, and formed the original fragrance series products starting from "Double Happiness Classic 1906". The original fragrance of "Double Happiness Classic 1906" is the masterpiece of the master of cigarette flavoring. It transcends the original fragrance style when creating a brand, and is the adaptation and guidance of the consumer trend. Like the three stages of the pipe smoking: from sugared, spiced flavoured tobacco, to the fragrant British blending and oriental blending, and finally returning to the original, returning to the ripe, simple and pure. “Double Happiness·Classic 1906” has experienced 102 years of experience, and after the fragrance and high fragrance, it shows the pure and simple classic fragrance. In 1906, it was a period of old and new, the old things were decaying, and new things were surging. People saw the dawn and saw hope. Also in February of this year, the “Double Happiness” cigarettes that were created under the background of “Industry Saving the Country” began to produce. After the raging fire, the national movement, the founding of the new China, and the reform and opening up, "Double Happiness" ushered in the new century and created "a hundred years of double happiness, optimistic legend." "Double Happiness Classic 1906" is not only a sign of history, but also a kind of spirit, a kind of hope, that is a state of vitality, a persistent spirit of pursuing light, and a feeling of "true". Love. "Double Happiness Classic 1906" is a return to peace after the prosperous period. It is a sublimation after the complicated and complicated. "From the simple to the simple, full of fragrance", it is a mellow, warm, long, and more a joy. Although history is far away from us, it smells aroma. After a hundred years, the aftertaste is a surprise, a sigh, and it is the heart of the heart. History is a true poet and dramatist. History itself is rich and colorful, giving us a taste, can not touch, but can feel. Heavy. That thick taste makes our souls swim. "Double Happiness Classic 1906" precipitates the essence of craftsmanship for more than a hundred years, and it has precipitated technological progress for more than a hundred years. 1906, too much taste, gathered in the original incense, a complicated and simple and beautiful, is a classic. Calm. Calmness is a kind of rational, classic that lasts for a long time. Calmness makes people rational, and in a calm state, they can handle things best and are most satisfying. "Double Happiness Classic 1906" exudes the radiance of reason, the power of humanity, and there is no lack of freshness, fullness and passion. Feeling. Feelings are a sentimental feeling that can be touched. "I hope to harvest emotions in ordinary life!" Harvesting emotions, you need to pay attention to every detail of life, you need to have some deep understanding of life, need to be interested, need enthusiasm, and even need some chivalrous. The original fragrance needs to be tasted and experienced slowly. Classic, more and more tasteful. The original fragrance is a heavy taste, a calm taste, and a feeling of emotion.

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