SUYAN Bojing Cigarette, Suyan Platinum Crystal

  • Model: 苏烟(铂晶)


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Suyan Platinum Crystal SUYAN Bojing Cigarette Product characteristics Type: type flue-cured tobacco specification: 84 mm carton 2 small box, each small box 10 Tar: 12 mg smoke nicotine content: 1.1 mg flue gas carbon monoxide: 12 mg The little box of bar code: 6901028062558 package bar code: 6901028062688 After the researchers detailed market research and careful research and development, make the platinum crystal "Sue smoke" integrating several innovations and patents: select both at home and abroad to meet the requirements of the product fine quality raw tobacco pesto, adopt unique silk processing technology, highlights the delicate aroma of platinum crystal "smoke" su;A small box packaging material in the domestic first side environmental protection aluminum, the other by the patent of bright silver anti-counterfeiting technology, and USES the card box type horizontal open open, each small box of 10 cigarettes, each 20 boxes;Article a small box, bag, handbag, containing all use the same surface treatment and printing technology to reflect characteristic;Packaging innovation appearance, into which adopts special method, outstanding patent material characteristics;Cases of first using the chain open, new security;In the light of the four edition d holographic anti-counterfeiting packaging design.

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