Yunyan (soft treasure) cigarettes

  • Model: 云烟(软珍品)


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Yunyan (soft treasures) Yunyan (Special titbit Soft) cigarette [Characteristics] taste selection of domestic and foreign high-quality tobacco and natural spices, the use of modern technology refined from cigarette. The natural fragrance of the tobacco prominent, natural, delicate and elegant aroma, taste and alcohols, comfortable taste. [packing decoration trademark uses a symbol of Royal cinnabar red, supplemented by amplifying "clouds" calligraphy fonts as shading, rich, elegant, unique Chinese characteristics. [] using three dimensional color anti-counterfeiting technology Xiangyun background laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology, with the perspective transform, Ruyi pattern and dynamic simulation can see three branch Yunyan cigarette and fine 3D effect of "YunYan" and "clouds" miniature text is implied, not only greatly enhance the visual effect and anti-counterfeiting efforts more effectively established "clouds" brand of the distinguished status. Yunyan (soft treasures) (see photo) Product features Type: flue-cured tobacco type specification: 84mm soft Tar: 11mg nicotine: 1.1mg flue gas carbon monoxide volume: 12mg Box bar code: 6901028045902 package bar code: 6901028045919

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