YunYan ruanliyingxiang Soft impression

  • Model: 云烟(软礼印象)


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Yunyan (soft Li impression) YunYan ruanliyingxiang "Yunyan impression - soft ceremony" is "clouds" brand for 50 years the pinnacle, is a set of "clouds" brand 50 years finishing quenching in a body, by the authority of experts with decades of experience of research and development of high-grade cigarette after 8 years of carefully designed, carved made "smoke of luxury". "Yunyan impression - soft ceremony": low coke, Jin sweet, elegant smoke flavor style, luxurious, elegant temperament, from the Hundred Acre "impression Manor" exclusive production of raw materials, selection, selection of tobacco essence workshops per tobacco leaf 1/8, oak barrel storage of tobacco, add Gongga snow mountain water, Elsholtzia rugulosa honey and Pu'er Tea tea extracts, Chinese pioneered the dark grain anti fake technology....... [Characteristics] taste multistage manual carefully selected high quality tobacco specific part as raw materials in storage tank type, leaf, two levels of alcoholization, the bioactive agent filter rod, special natural flavor spices 15 patent technology for a constant temperature, constant humidity, refined processing workshop and exclusive impression impression to bring a full range of small process line the rigorous attitude and solemn, to realize the unique elegant, delicate and elegant impression tobacco alcohol is the sweet fragrance, bring new experience of high-end cigarette products. [] adhering to traditional packaging decoration Yunyan the noble and elegant impression series of concise, eye-catching style, with gold and impression brown tones, express the classical style noble, highlighting a hundred years Yunyan the classic style. The unique charm of the light brown cigarette integrated design and the use of indentation of cigarette paper, more distinguished extraordinary temperament. [] cigarette anti-counterfeiting technology using dry indentation Brown cigarette paper, the inner lining paper with watermark, seal using hand carved intaglio printing money printing technology, trademark using color ink, micro text technology, three-dimensional holographic laser film visible three simulation cigarette, "Yunyan, the Chinese famous brand" and "YunYan" miniature text and bright the clouds. Yunyan (soft Li impression) (see photo) Product features Type: flue-cured tobacco type specification: 84mm soft Tar: 10mg nicotine: 1.0mg flue gas carbon monoxide volume: 10mg Box bar code: 6901028310826 package bar code: 6901028310833

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