YunYan Impression Manor

  • Model: 云烟(印象烟庄)


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The Yunyan (Impression Yanzhuang) series is the same as the Yunyan Heavy Nine series and the Impression series. The fragrance raw materials are all collected from the Shilin Impressions, and the “Xiang” is based on the style characteristics of the “Sweet Sweet” category. The word has worked harder and harder - forming a unique fragrance of floral, fruity, tea, and scented, and the four fragrances are combined, and further improved by leaf formula, material formula and process formula, so that it tastes when sucked. Tianjin, sweet, fragrant, moist.

Product Type: Flue-cured

Tar amount: 8mg

Nicotine amount: 0.8mg

Carbon monoxide amount: 9mg

Packing: hard box (20 per box, 10 boxes each)

Cigarette specifications: 84mm

Small box barcode: 6901028051606

Large box barcode: 6901028051613

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