wuyeshen (hard golden special)(硬金特制)

  • Model: 五叶神(硬金特制)


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wuyeshen (hard golden special)(硬金特制) Chinese cigarette

User evaluation

1. The Wuye God at this price is a very good cigarette with a good price/performance ratio. It has its unique and dominant place in the same cigarette. This cigarette was not sold here. I used to buy it in a foreign business when I was on a business trip because I really liked the style and taste of this cigarette! The Wuye Shen Cigarette is made up of a combination of medicine and tobacco. It will have a strong aroma of the drug. The taste is slightly sweet, but it will have a dry mouth feeling, but with some green tea. To drink, this problem has basically been solved. The smoke has a moderate head and a good taste. It has a good aftertaste allowance and comfort. A cigarette of about 10 yuan can have such a taste and overall performance. It can be said that the smoke is quite rare. The price/performance ratio is very high. The 11-yuan Wuye God is more suitable for daily rations. It is economical, affordable and tastes good. I like it.

2. As a native of Meizhou, the tobacco factory has been open for a few kilometers and has always had a soft spot for the five-leaf look.

Indeed, as many smokers commented, since the acquisition of Double Happiness, the taste is not enough before the mellow, but a bit like the hard double happiness of 8.9, the fragrance is more concentrated than before.

However, it is still a very good smoke, recommend smokers who are at least 5 years old, and novices recommend Liqun.

3. It is not recommended to say that the taste is not fresh or buy fake smoke. This smoke is not compatible with light and alcohol. It should be said that it is thick and fragrant. People who do not drink tea are not recommended.

4. The taste is slightly bitter and mellow. It will be a bit disgusting for the first time, so it is not recommended for newcomers. Those who are older will enjoy it.

5. Low-cost flavor smoke, this is the elite level, there is a light tea taste, very artistic smoke, compared to the classic price of the same price, personally feel better than the classic. And the smell of smoke is not too strong, suitable for friends who like to smoke in the light smoke. For this price, I have not found a better than this.

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