Shuangxi yingjin WuYeShen Brand Chinese Cigarettes One Carton

  • Model: 双喜牌硬金五叶神香烟


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These Chinese cigarettes have an interesting story behind them. They were the favorite brand of a famous 'Madame' Liu who provided beautiful girls to politicians in Beijing. The girls were instructed to always carry a pack of Wu Ye Shen cigarettes when they visited clients. The reason behind this is the stuff of legend. As it turns out, each pack of WYS cigs was carefully adulterated by Madame Liu with special Chinese herbs; when smoked by the clients, they were left semi-impotent in a matter of minutes. Thusly embarrassed, the clients were eager for re-visitations by those same girls to 'prove' their manhood. Needless to say, this led to endless frustration. Madame Liu became rich in a short matter of time and is said to have bought her way out of China. She is now retired in a quiet bedroom community in Golden, Colorado.

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