Septwolves Grey Soft

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Also known as the seven wolves (SP200). The seven-year-old wolf's 7th anniversary dedication to the proud boutique, select domestic and international high-quality flue-cured tobacco, artificial film selection essence, the use of international advanced fluorine-free and filtration technology, HXD drying silk process, from the new international first-class plant and equipment precision production, excellent temperament Elegant, tastes natural and pure, and the tobacco is fragrant.

Product Type: Flue-cured

Tar amount: 11mg

Nicotine amount: 1.1mg

Carbon monoxide amount: 11mg

Packing: soft box box (20 per box, 10 boxes each)

Cigarette specifications: 84mm

Small box barcode: 6901028138505

Barcode barcode: 6901082138536

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