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Product features: Using the international advanced "double incense and defocus" process, the amount of tar is reduced to 8mg, while the harmful components are reduced, while maintaining the tobacco alcohol and the original fragrance. The Blue Wolf 8mg was once selected as the national standard for low tar smoke test, and it is a new generation of "high aroma, low hazard" cigarettes.

The brand follows the characteristics of “low focus, high fragrance” and uses high-permeability cigarette paper. The smoking process is full of burning, good hair permeability, full and delicate smoke, comfortable and long aftertaste, bringing you elegant and elegant, alcohol and abundance. 饴 吸 Enjoying enjoyment.

Packing features: The logo of the "Beng Wolf" on both sides of the package is printed by different techniques, the pattern is vivid and the anti-counterfeiting performance is improved.

Product Type: Flue-cured

Tar amount: 8mg

Nicotine amount: 0.8mg

Carbon monoxide amount: 8mg

Packing: hard box (20 per box, 10 boxes each)

Cigarette specifications: 84mm

Small box barcode: 6901028141130

Barcode barcode: 6901082141147

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