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Jiaozi X Chinese cigarette

Main features: Jiaozi low-focus classic, orange-scented style, excellent quality, positioning young fashion people, for them, smoking is not only to meet physiological needs, but more importantly, to express independent, stylish, positive attitude towards life, showing elegance , seduce.

Packaging design: white is exquisite packaging design, the golden X symbol reveals the fashionable charm of IMAGINE, simple, exquisite, soft and elegant.

Intrinsic quality: It adopts environmentally-friendly, healthy and safe natural fruit flavors. Through careful blending, tobacco aroma and fruit sweetness are integrated into one, and orange fragrance is elegant.

Process technology: It adopts internationally advanced HDT equipment to highlight the characteristics of Chinese cigarette processing, which makes the quality of processed processed tobacco more excellent. The selection of the world's top-grade degraded and harm-reducing materials is the most cutting-edge low-cost specialty cigarette.

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