Pride Times Sunshine

  • Model: 娇子(时代阳光)


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Main features: Jiaozi red boutique, the quality is mature and stable, sweet and sweet. At the same time, you can enjoy great relaxation and satisfaction while enjoying the taste and enjoy the pure and full tobacco aroma of the product.

Packaging design: The packaging adopts the "Bamboo Fragrance Red Rhyme" Chinese red packaging, with the male font "PRIDE" as the visual subject, and the innovative use of the ancient Chinese Tang grass pattern of freehand brushwork to express the abstract bamboo leaves, showing modern fashion, simple Big, happy and auspicious.

Intrinsic quality: superior tobacco leaves, fine precision, sweet and mellow, tasteful and full of flavor, original sweet and fragrant, harmonious and full of aroma, delicate and thick. The smell of smoke is pure, the taste is mellow, the smoke is smooth, the head is moderate, and the aftertaste is sweet.

Process technology: The production of the Jiaozi boutique production line is honored and the quality is mature and stable.

Product Type: Flue-cured tar type: 11mg
Nicotine amount: 1.1mg carbon monoxide amount: 11mg
Packing: hard box (20 per box, 10 boxes each)
Cigarette specifications: 84mm
Small box barcode: 6901028025638 barcode barcode: 6901028025645

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