Nanjing (炫赫门) (xuanHemen) Authentic Chinese Lady cigarette

  • Model: 南京(炫赫门)


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Nanjing (炫赫门) (xuanHemen) Authentic Chinese Lady cigarette

User Comments:

1. The heavy taste in the fine cigarettes. In recent years, the individual has been pumping fine branches. Before the rations were 12 钗 and 煊 门 ,, the smoke itself was a good smoke, but it felt that the 煊 门 还是 is still relatively rushing. Not personal taste. Since the cloud smoked out the fine cistanche and Yue, the ration became a fine cistanche.

2. I remember that when I first started to learn to smoke, the second pack of cigarettes was the Hyunhemen. It turned out to be 15 boxes, and then it was fried to 18. There are a lot of people who don’t have a good evaluation of Hyun Hemen, but I don’t think so. Hyun Hemen magnifies the unique fragrance of Nanjing, and it is definitely a pleasure to savor the fragrance. The smoke is also very good. The packaging is also very beautiful, and the faint green gives a feeling of being very high. In short, it is a good smoke for novices.

3. Hyunhe door appearance packaging is relatively low-key, compared with other cigarette packaging is not eye-catching filter filter exquisite entrance is slightly sweet but not lacking in volume, but fine smoke has fine smoke, rough smoke, rough smoke, as the method For the fine smoke, the door is very good for the price of 18, and the smoke of the 30-position is very good choice.

4. The appearance of the Hyun Hemen fine branch is very good, and it is not so hot to smoke. As a net red product, of course it is very hot.

5. Didn't get the sweetness, although it is fine, but full of sweet, very good smoke

6. The first time I smoked this cigarette, it was because my girlfriend smoked, so I was very curious, buy it and try it. I just smoked a soda before I pumped it, so the entrance didn't think it was sweet. At that time, I was disgusted and threw two. After a period of loss of love, I thought that there is still a pack of 煊赫门, the second time I think this smoke is not bad, in fact, the taste is quite awkward, personally still feel unaccustomed, I think Xiaosu smoke is very good, more expensive than this Five or six, but cool!

7. To be honest, the cigarette holder of this cigarette is very sweet. Some people say that it is sweet in the mouth, but I am a heavy taster who does not feel sweet.

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