Nanjing (Jinling Twelve Baked Tobacco) 6mg

  • Model: 南京(金陵十二钗烤烟)


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Nanjing (Jinling Twelve Baked Tobacco)

User comments

1. Grain has always been a fine branch. In recent years, basically all kinds of fine branches on the market have been tasted all over, but the taste is very small. Later, the rations have been replaced by twelve 钗 and 煊 门 ,, both of which are Good smoke, but 煊Hemen slightly rushed. This 12-year-old wholesale store next to a package of 26, a 245, pumped for about two years, his family's 12-inch is basically covered by me. Indeed, as mentioned by the above friends, most of the fine support can reach the 12-inch level above 50 yuan. However, recently, Yunyan Cistanche has produced a fine branch of Cistanche and Yue, the taste is good, it feels like fire, and has been pumping this recently, the fine cigarette market should occupy a place.

2. This cigarette has always been my favorite brand, the price is middle, the taste is heavier than other cigarettes, it is very smudged, the smoke is thick, and the packaging is also very good.

3. In the fine smoke, this taste is very mellow, very soft, and is better than the fine red square. Although it is a kind under Nanjing, but the price/performance ratio is not high, it can be adjusted, and the rations can't be pumped.

4. Since 2014, I have changed the cigarettes, and the twelve cigarettes are the rations. Although the smoke is fine, soft, but full of smoke, there is no other feeling of fineness. In the past two years, other brands have spent a lot of money, and they have all tasted it. Most of them can reach the top 12 level of 50 yuan or more, so the price is good.

5. The price is higher than before, the packaging is very chic, elegant, the taste is soft, not rushing, the taste is not ups and downs

6. I saw a lot of comments saying that it is not good, personally think it is ok! The packaging is exquisite, the feeling after the sucking is not bad, the first mouth is very rushing, after that it is very good, especially incense! The amount of tar is not high but it is very enjoyable! Nice smoke

7. Personal favorite cigarette, light mint, the packaging of the box is also very good, capitalized praise!

8. The first mouth is very good, it can be said that it is a woman's cigarette, but a friend who can smoke is likely to try it. The taste is soft, and the taste of high-grade smoke is not changed much. smoke.

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