Nangjing(Jinling twelve women minty)南京(金陵十二钗薄荷)

  • Model: 南京(金陵十二钗薄荷)


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Nanjing jinling twelve women minty cigarette On technics, nanjing cigarette factories and zhengzhou tobacco research institute for technical cooperation, scientific research team, led by Zhu Zunquan academicians, use of funds, first adopted in the formulation of Marine bioactive extract as a special additive, more not only reduced the harm, reduce the harm of the respiratory system, enrich the cigarette fragrance at the same time, reached the elegant aroma with low tar and low harm. Mint type "jinling twelve women" is a blend of flue-cured tobacco and mint, coordinate round, flue gas soft delicate, taste sweet, cool and refreshing back aftertaste clean and comfortable. "Nanjing (jinling twelve women)" on the packing design highlight the artistic style of quaint.Trademark set famous painter Liu Danzhai made "jinling twelve women of character figure, the famous" GongXueGu Zhou Ruchang four-line poem, calligraphy masters made Chen Dayu seal character title of book, painting, poetry, books, printing of primitive simplicity and elegant, with strewn at random have send, bring out the best in each other, make the product of the modern beauty and classical beauty, internal quality and external harmony. , nanjing jinling twelve women of mint Product characteristics Types: mint specifications: 97 mm hard bronchiolitis Tar: 6 mg smoke nicotine volume: 0.6 mg flue gas carbon monoxide: 5 mg The little box of bar code: 6901028062343 package bar code: 6901028062350

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