liqun soft red proboscis

  • Model: 利群(软红长嘴)


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liqun soft red proboscis Reviews 1. The smoke of this smoke is full, there is no smell of flavor, it is very suitable for long-term rations. 2. At present, I feel the most cost-effective cigarette. People in Zhejiang Province have smoked this. Especially soft dividends. They often sell out of stock in various places. Especially in Wenzhou, we generally only look for soft dividends. 3. Soft long mouth and long mouth. One of my favorite three 20-headed cigarettes. The other two are fine cloud smoke and Jinfu. The smell of the scalp is numb and there is no mess. Strong enough, cost-effective 4. This is the most smoke I have personally returned to the country. The taste of the smoke is relatively calm, which is the only place I feel that this smoke is not enough. The price is moderate, the biggest feeling that I have drawn is that it is smooth. For me who likes to draw a thicker taste, the smoke is not strong enough. 5. This smoke is good, it is full of fullness and no smell. If you use it, you will feel that the smoke is too strong, and occasionally it will be fine. 6. This smoke has been drawn several times, and it is brought by friends from other places. To be honest, it is far worse than the soft blue trophy. 7. One of my favorite cigarettes. My eloquence is not good. I don't know how to evaluate this smoke. I can only say that the smoke is full of smoke, there is no smell of flavor, and it is very suitable for long-term rations.

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