liqun(soft blue)Chinese cigarette

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liqun(soft blue)Chinese cigarette

Liqun (soft blue)

User evaluation:

After a period of hard blue, I bought a soft blue. I just started to think about how to smoke so hard. When I smoked the second box, I thought it was a conscience, and it was very mellow. Old smokers have committed a problem with smoking addiction. Simple summarization is simple and practical. Although there is no fixed ration now, only soft holly and big clouds can make me forget. I recommend old smokers not to recommend new smokers and low-focus people.

The strength is full, the taste is acceptable, and the price is moderate. The real thing is more beautiful than the picture. The thick way is that the filter is short, and the strength is really big, one solves the problem.

The smoke is very fierce, but the taste is not bad. Sometimes the tongue will be a little spicy. Generally speaking, it is not bad.

The strength is really enough, pumping to the back slightly nose

This smoke is basically the best in the series below 30, the price is very high

The head is big enough, but it is not very smooth, not mellow, slightly smelly, the tongue is bitter, and the taste is fine. There is no soft blue-yellow crane building, but it is not comparable to the new version of 14 yuan. However, Liqun is still very real. This can be used to adjust.

More powerful than soft packs, suitable for big friends. Once great love.

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