liqun hard sunshine (硬阳光) Chinese cigarette

  • Model: 利群(硬阳光)


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liqun hard sunshine (硬阳光) Chinese cigarette

Reviews: 1 After buying the cigarette for the first time, it immediately became a ration cigarette. Now it is all bought in pieces. Personally like this kind of smoke with low tar content (8mg), the special Chinese herbal aroma, the taste is very light, much better than the hard and soft soda in the same price. 2. My ration, the smell of Chinese herbal medicine, the taste I feel very good at this price, the cigarette holder is very long, no more than a few 3. Yes, I often buy it. Sometimes the smell of Chinese medicine is light and strong. Is there a time in the store for a long time? It’s so delicious. 4. It tastes good in the early 2 years, and the flavor of Chinese herbal medicine is thicker and now it is getting lighter! And sometimes there is basically no Chinese medicine smell to buy, and the batch does not feel the same! Have the same feeling to talk! Then the airport bought the duty-free version of the hard sunshine, I feel a lot worse. 5. This smoke is very good, the individual is not smoking this is the impression of 94MM, soft sunshine and harmonious Yuxi compared to this is garbage. . . 6. The perfect score in the mind is that the price is slightly higher. Occasionally buy a pack of fun. The goal of life is to use it as a ration. 7. The outer packaging is a low-key purple group. We liked to call Zi Liqun in the early years! Old smoker, heavy taste, want to feel full. It is right to choose this! Zi Liqun is full, smooth, and back! I can afford this price! In this price, the Chinese-born mouth is hard (face). The first bite of Su Yan’s habit is not to enter the lungs, to vomit, and the second can only attract the gentleness of Su Jiang in Jiangnan women. Only Liqun brings you warm and full, that deep and familiar aftertaste, with your depth and free spit ~ give you gentle water, sweet love... dream back to the aftertaste! Zi Liqun is the kind of taste that makes you walk away... 8. The taste is ok, that is, it burns too fast. There are two points in the toilet. Many people say that the taste of Chinese medicine is actually the flavor additive. 9.Zhejiang teenagers in Japan are smashing the beads every day. The sun is more concentrated than the homesickness. The small partner has brought a hard sunshine 360 ??from the duty-free shop and the domestic soft sunshine. The price is stronger than the devil smoke. Chinese round 10 Haley Packaging cool The taste is very good We have a lot of people here say that the taste of Haley is better than Chinese!

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