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Liqun soft sunshine Chinese cigarette Reviews 1.Zhejiang people do not say that the soft sun should be the ration of most people. I remember that the soft sunshine was very good. The shadow of a hard sun is inside. 2. At this price, soft sunshine should be my favorite cigarette, the entrance is smooth, the aftertaste is good, the feeling of a little chocolate is that the burning is faster, it can be used as a long-term ration. 3. A small clear flow package inside Liqun is unique (very few cigarettes are wrapped in black). Fine resistance, low-taste, supple, 30-yuan stalls, invincibles, friends who like to take advantage of the group can be friends who don’t like the rations. Because it is not the same as other Liqun, it is a kind of feeling that can’t be said. Anyway, it is very good and highly recommended. 4. Soft sunlight is garbage in the case of hard sunlight. This smoke is not worth buying at all. Harmony Yuxi is also garbage. These two cigarettes are similar. . . 5. Advantages: the mellowness of the mouth, long aftertaste, strong throat sensation is not hot, the taste is mellow to satisfy the cravings, it can be said that this is the best among the price of cigarettes, not inferior to the 40-50 file. Disadvantages: the tobacco is not dense enough. The burning speed is faster, the soot is easy to float, and the old cigarette gun may still be unsatisfactory. The price of 36 is a little expensive for the working class as a ration, but personally thinks it is worth the price. 6. This cigarette is really good. In the same price of smoke, it is absolutely a leader. It is smooth and smooth when pumping. There is no such spicy feeling. It is also strong. One can be enjoyable. In our Zhejiang, Liqun is the protagonist. 7. I don't like the taste of this smoke, it may be the cause of regional differences, but the strength of this smoke is still ok, but I would rather choose Furong Wang if I pursue the momentum. 8. Personally feel that this smoke is bursting hard 9. This is the best smoke I have ever smoked. I usually like to mix outside. I feel that the national examination has a strange smell, but this is a climax, which greatly changes the impression of the national examination.

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