Liqun shenzhou Chinese cigarette

  • Model: 利群(神州)


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Liqun shenzhou Chinese cigarette Reviews: 1 There is a euphemistic fragrance, very mellow, has been soft and sunny, since I took this, I like this. With more than 50 soft spring sunshine, the taste is similar, the cigarette holder is also very similar, but the soft spring is more talked about. It is a pity that it is very difficult to buy now. Zhejiang said that it was discontinued and could not be bought. This month, the supermarket on the Shanghai side was out of stock. It seems that it has not entered. Today, I went to a supermarket and bought the last two packs. It is estimated that I haven’t smoked it in the future. 2. I have been pumping for one week in a row. This is my favorite cigarette in the Liqun series. The price is moderate, the focus is low, the mouthpiece is beautiful, the smoke is pure, not particularly light, and it is also enjoyable. The burning speed and ash retention of the cigarettes are moderate, and it is a very good cigarette. 3. I have been buying Chinese before. The occasional opportunity to see Shenzhou Liqun has been spent for a year. I like the faint taste, which is similar to that of China. The key is that the amount of tar is the lowest and the taste is very good. 4. I once bought more and bought it once. The specific taste was forgotten, but it was really good. 5. Not good, too light, not suitable for the taste of northerners.

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