Liqun (hard red long mouth) proboscis (硬红长嘴) Chinese cigarette

  • Model: 利群(硬红长嘴)


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Liqun (hard red long mouth) proboscis (硬红长嘴) Chinese cigarette

1.This hard red long mouth sells far less than our soft red long mouth, but I personally still like to pump this hard shell compared to the soft shell. Its smoke is smoother and more mellow than the soft shell. He has some some burnt flavors, no soft shells, so fresh, in general, whether it is soft shell hard shell taste is actually good and not much different, or look at personal preferences.

2.From a personal point of view, the hardness of the hard bag is better than that of the soft bag. The hard bag is slightly smoother, the alcohol is more concentrated, and it is more suitable for oneself. The soft bag is slightly lighter, but it seems to be like a soft bag. a little. Smoking is mainly about personal tastes. Maybe everyone is better off and not necessarily suitable for themselves. Maybe everyone thinks that smoking is not good, but it is suitable for them.

3.It's not good to pump a bitter taste. It's not as good as the 13 group! Maybe I don't like the smoke of this taste!

4.Personal favorite smoke, low-key has connotation, taste, mellow and strong

5.I liked it for a while. I took it and I took it. But it took a long time. It feels a bit rushing. I still like a little smoke.

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