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  • Model: 利群(国色天香)


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Reviews: 1. The first bit of the pumping is a bit of a spicy sensation, but every bite is fragrant, the feeling of passing the lungs is very comfortable, the price of 26 yuan is really cost-effective. 2. Overall, it's not bad, the appearance and the Vipassana are pretty, the strength is enough, one is enough to be addictive, suitable for long-term rations. 3. Different from the lightness of other smokers, I personally think that this smell is strong and strong. 4. Personally, this smoke is relatively rich in smoke. As for the fragrance, there is nothing special. The highlight is packaging. The price/performance ratio is not high. The same price can be considered. 5. I also went to buy "Furong King", which was sold out at the time. So I chose a "national color fragrance" that looks slightly taller. When the first branch is drawn, a mellow fragrance is ejected from the nasal cavity after entering the mouth. All of a sudden I fell in love with this cheaper cigarette, which is cheaper than the hard Chinese! 6. The first box was good, and I bought one. But after that, I will draw more. 7. Before buying a pack of Yunyan impressions, 37, this Liqun is simply an impression of ten streets, maybe personal taste is different, I think this is the real smoke 8. The smell of flue-cured tobacco is relatively pure. There is no smell in the whole process. I like it very much. It is that the strength is big and the body can't stand it. I hope to see other varieties again. 9. After buying a bag, I took another one. The dark gold cigarette case is beautiful and high-grade. The list of tobacco is beautiful, the whole one is no smell, the first few tastes good, then the smoke is delicious, the latter half is full, personal. Feel good 10. A little spicy tongue, the smoke is full of pure, you can.

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