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Liquan xiuxian Chinese cigarette Reviews 1. This population is a hard-boiled sunshine, and I bought a package today. Some people say that this smoke is not very strong, in fact, I think the opposite is true. 11 Jiao is already relatively high in the current cigarette, and it is really a little dizzy to take a sip. Although the smoke is full and rich, but the individual does not like it. Although this smoke is a lot more expensive than the sun, but personally think that the price is not high. It may be because of the different places, compared to the local Huangshan Tiandu series, the individual is still inclined to the latter. 2. In the big supermarket to buy, it should be genuine. After the tasting, I was disappointed. The purity was good, and it was still mellow, but the taste was faint, and there was no fragrance of the sun. The taste doesn't like it. In the 100 yuan this grade, it should be relatively poor. Dropping to 60 should be a bit more practical. For me, even 60 may not choose him. 3. I saw the first sight of this cigarette and I was fascinated. After I smoked it, I was even more unable to extricate myself. After that, I bought it the most. From packaging to cigarettes to taste is the favorite of the high-grade smoke I have smoked. 4. The taste is acceptable. Pretending to be dedicated (Zhejiang people die to face life) 5. Compared with the hard 1916, the taste and fragrance are basically one level. I also prefer a casual fragrance. The level of 80 smoke reaches 100 yuan is very cost-effective. Why is the rating so low, is the price outside the province high? 6. The third of the rations, the appearance of the fancy, highlighting the characteristics of the group. Plagiarized some brands of the Yellow Crane Tower. . . . But the taste is okay. Isn't the better the smoke, the less violent it is. 7. The price is here, the smoke is definitely not bad, the entrance is very smooth, I feel used to the high-focus pumping, this feeling is not great, but it is really fragrant, I don’t like the hard Chinese, I don’t know this harder than the hard Chinese. It’s good to go there, but it’s better than soft China, but it’s not obvious. Let me say that it’s good to know where it’s not. May be the reason for the price, huh, huh 8. If the smoke is bought in the field, it feels that the taste of the whole cigarette has changed completely. I have always liked this cigarette before I used to run around in the field. I will buy a bag to pump the whole smoke. The taste is all hot and not smooth, but if I am in Zhejiang, I highly recommend this smoke. It is very smooth and not very spicy. The whole smoke has not changed. After the pumping, there will be a special group. The vanilla flavor has always been in the mouth. The entrance is much better than the other hundred yuan. But I don’t know why the taste is all changed when I buy it in the field. This is what everyone said about the regional climate difference. Haha

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