Huangshan(Hong fang yin)cigarette

  • Model: 黄山(大红方印)


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Huangshan (red kisses) 1, fine quality, the royal seal red print Red seal of the history and legend, emperor qianlong years, huizhou tobacco became tribute, royal imperial seal "red seal", "huizhou gong smoke" hence famous everywhere.In one cigarette trademark "red seal" for the idea, the ancestors of reappearance of gong smoke legend, clear "huizhou tobacco" unique history. 2, superior quality, selection of blade tip gong "Word of mouth, filar silk sweet alcohol" huangshan sweetness "coke", "leaf" : coke sweet cigarette plant since last to the first floor to avoid direct ultraviolet light and moist dew have leaves and the natural gift."Gong" : as the name implies, tribute to the imperial court of tobacco;While "top gong" for high quality, top tribute. 3, high grade, ji's morning mist refined taste Packaging - the cultural interest of the rich historical records, the clearance of famous yu ji's morning mist after tasting Wang Youdui (huizhou Hugh ning, official department minister) given after tobacco gasped, and miao said: "tasted the north and south, only good emblem of tobacco."Later, even know the emperor qianlong, instruct tribute. Huangshan (red kisses) Product characteristics Type: type flue-cured tobacco specifications: 84 mm Tar: 10 mg smoke nicotine volume: 1.0 mg flue gas carbon monoxide: 11 mg The little box of bar code: 6901028131612 package bar code: 6901028131605

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