Huanghelou Yaxiang hard cigarette 黄鹤楼(硬雅香)

  • Model: 黄鹤楼(硬雅香)


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Yellow crane tower Huanghelou (hard yaxiang) Product style: aroma pure elegant, tall and plump, smooth and young, alcohol and tobacco this sweet and elegant natural herbal botanicals like nature itself, don't act the role of carve, the flue gas is exquisite, tianjin sweet, pleasant and comfortable, strong enjoyment. Mechanism: use natural herbaceous plants in compatibility technology in cigarette products, combined with traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health theory, make the cigarette when combustion produces to the human body has a beneficial effect factor of the health care function. Reference of traditional Chinese medicine "sweet fume" principle, the combustion releasing "elegant" kind of aroma substances, such natural pleasant aroma, helps to improve mood, relieve pressure, loosen body and mind. Design style: the outer package of cigarette package design, hired international graphic packaging design master Chen shaohua, renewed and deduced after the yellow crane tower 1916 classic style, there is yellow crane tower neoclassical contracted classic representative works, emphasizes the combination of the essential elements in design. Product characteristics Type: type flue-cured tobacco specifications: 84 mm Tar: 11 mg smoke nicotine volume: 1.1 mg flue gas carbon monoxide: 13 mg The little box of bar code: 6901028179874 package bar code: 6901028179867

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