Huanghelou Mantianyou soft cigarette 黄鹤楼(软漫天游)

  • Model: 黄鹤楼(软漫天游)


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Huanghelou Mantianyou soft Yellow crane tower (soft sky swim) [east love west rhyme Match well of Chinese and western] in 2006, wu smoke group and master the design for the first time cooperation, integration design elements to the world famous brand versace, illustrates the design philosophy of yellow crane tower is unique to the world again.Its appearance style take the artistic conception of "Jin Yu float in the sky, elegant whirlwind", the antique expression of towers in one thousand, a match well of Chinese and western romantic treasures. [11] patents achievement with 11 patents, and particularly good smoke of 20, interpretation of the true content of the lower coke high aroma.Soft box with 74 m innovative design, exquisite and refined, outstanding taste;Hard box USES the "wings" distinctive modelling, function, infinite charm.[double tenth technology integration innovation] "double tenth technology" refers to the amount of tar in tobacco products and are as low as the amount of carbon monoxide l0mg, reached mixed cigarette in the same standard of eu entry solves the reducing tar reserved aroma technical problems at the same time.The technology on behalf of the Chinese style flue-cured tobacco in reducing tar leading achievements in the field of harm reduction."Sky swim" products in 2006 on the use of more mature, further laid the wu smoke group, low coke high aroma of a new generation of technology platform. [China's use of coaxial core rods (CCF)] using coaxial core rods after different degree of reducing tar and carbon monoxide, by changing the pressure drop, the degree of ventilation intercept performance and flue gas path can get better design flexibility.Distinctive appearance can let the cigarette prominent personality.Even in the case of high ventilation, cigarette resistance can also achieve a satisfactory, suitable for low tar in smoke.Coaxial core, such as "concentric circles", it is the symbol of outside introversion and fulfilling. Yellow crane tower (soft sky swim) Product characteristics Type: type flue-cured tobacco specifications: 74 mm Tar: 10 mg smoke nicotine volume: 1.0 mg flue gas carbon monoxide: 10 mg The little box of bar code: 6901028185349 package bar code: 6901028185356

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