Huanghelou 1916 soft cigarette

  • Model: 黄鹤楼(软1916)


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Huanghelou cigarette soft 1916 Yellow crane tower 1916 listed at the end of 2004, has as many as 13 patents, once launched, in the national market continues to sell like hot cakes, has attracted much attention.This product has the low-key luxury elegant temperament, known as "China's tobacco industry in 2004 new product" attracts the most attention, and won the 2004 China excellent brand image awards, become the banner of Chinese style high-grade cigarette. Rooted in 1916 Bolivia asiaec people into "nanyang smoke chief one formula," is a classic interpretation of traditional formula with modern science and technology;Tobacco elected at a rate of 200 kg selects 1.0 kilograms, every piece as precious as gold, and with state, enshi in hubei natural alcoholize native environment more than 5 years. Packaging design was presided over by the 2008 Beijing Olympic bid logo designer Mr Chen shaohua project.DNA security to ensure every a pack of cigarettes has a unique security authentication, using 70 mm short (84 mm) traditional YanZhi, in the tradition of cigarette was born in primitive characteristics.YanZhi rods use golden cypress paper, playing with his fingers, noble temperament. Product characteristics Type: type flue-cured tobacco specifications: 70 mm Tar: 10 mg smoke nicotine volume: 1.0 mg flue gas carbon monoxide: 10 mg The little box of bar code: 6901028179058 package bar code: 6901028179065

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