Huang He Lou (黄鹤楼 硬雅香) Chinese Cigarettes One Carton

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Yellow Crane Tower, Hard Yaxiang, Cigarette

User Comments:

1. The variety of the Yellow Crane Tower is estimated to be the largest in the entire tobacco industry. Cheaper than a dozen pieces, expensive 99. I really admire the innovation ability of the Yellow Crane Tower. This elegant cigarette package is really nice, a bit like the 1916 tone. The smoke and the yellow crane tower soft blue do not see any difference, I feel that a few dollars are on the packaging. The smoke is thick and not mixed, and the smoke is not felt, but it has a little bit of tobacco smell. It is better than the yellow crane tower. I feel good. If you take it out, you won't lose the grade. It's better than the Yellow Crane Tower. The big color is not flame resistant.

2. This elegant fragrance package is simple and elegant, there are three kinds of cigarette holders but the packaging is indistinguishable, similar to the panda (Guangdong is very common), similar to the double happiness red 1906, the golden mouth hollowed out. The first two have been pumped, and the mouthpiece of the same kind as the panda has the best taste. Similar to the 1906, the taste is slightly worse (but better than the golden mouth), and the golden mouth is hollowed out.

3. Really bad, no soft blue

4. To the wine as a song, life geometry, a cigarette race fairy after drinking, fine wine with cigarettes, this smoke is smooth, addictive, soft, and draw a fragrance

5. Golden filter, very nice. The taste is good, the taste can be thicker and it will be rooted.

6. I bought this fake cigarette for the first time today. I bought it at the Green Fruit Supermarket downstairs. I won’t go there to buy anything anymore.

7. A few days ago, go to a friend. Occasionally I took it once and it felt very good. The entrance was soft and not hot. Compared with the 15 yuan hard fragrant gold, it is more cost-effective.

8. I never smoke a fixed brand. This cigarette is one of the more I usually smoke. It is very comfortable after smoking, no disgusting feeling.

9. The taste is very soft, it is not stinky after the mouth is exhausted, and there is some sweetness. The mouthpiece is very long, so I feel that there is no soft blue and resistance. The pleasure is faster than that of soft blue. I can take a big breath and not rush. I don’t burn my throat. The smoke is thicker and thicker. The first half is too thin.

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