Hong Ta Shan Brand Chinese Cigarettes One Carton

  • Model: 红塔山硬经典1956


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Hong Ta Shan, the brand with the Pagoda, is well known throughout Dong Bei province, where villagers can often be seen smoking the cigarettes after an icy winter swim in the frozen river. If you want to order these cigarettes below, please contact us : dd@cigarette88.com Hongtashan (master) Hongtashan (HTS city) Hongtashan (xin classic) Hongtashan (happy New Year) Hongtashan (international 100) Hongtashan (soft classic 100) Hongtashan (large classic) Hongtashan (hard classic 100) Hongtashan light smoke Hongtashan (classic 150) Hongtashan ( emperor king) Hongtashan (soft century) Hongtashan (hard century) Hongtashan (soft red) Hongtashan (new soft) Hongtashan (hard new forces) Hongtashan (hard new heights) Hongtashan (platinum white) Hongtashan (hard new ) Hongtashan (hard classic) Hongtashan (soft classic 1956)

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