Hong He Brand Chinese Cigarettes 红河(硬甲)

  • Model: 红河(硬甲)


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This classic Chinese brand of cigarettes was born during the Long March when Mao took his followers south on a year long retreat from the Nationalists. One of his generals commandeered a tobacco factory and renamed the brand Hong He. sigarette cinesi cigarrillos chinos Chinesisch Zigaretten Kinesiska cigaretter Chinese sigaretten cigarettes chinois chinskie papierosy kinesiske sigaretter If you want to order Honghe cigarettes ,Please contact us : dd@cigarette88.com Honghe (Soft 99) Honghe (Dao) Honghe (hard) Honghe (hard V8) Honghe (hard luck) Honghe (Hard 99) Honghe (Soft 88) Honghe (Hard 66) Honghe (flat) Honghe (Hard 88) Honghe (hard V6) Honghe (soft armor) The red river (source) The red river (soft V8) The red river (pentium) red river (Soft b) Red river (Hard b) The red river (soft luck) The red river (hard) The red river (panda century wind) The red river (soft pentium)

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