ESSE MENTHOL 5mg Korean cigarette



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ESSE MENTHOL 5mg Korean cigarette

Smoker Experience:

1. Sucking ESSE MENTHOL cigarette is relatively refreshing, the taste is relatively light, suitable for women and people with little addiction, the lady pumping is good.

2. ESSE menthol 5mg cigarette is very light, very long, very thin, very resistant, but it is very comfortable to smoke, the scorpion is not uncomfortable, pure life adjustment products, long-term pumping this, very comfortable. Recently, the CHANGE illusion, the Chinese version of the blue box blasting bead, the tar amount 4mg, the nicotine 0.3mg carbon monoxide 2mg, the sweeter, the ultra-low focus but not the same as the seven stars pumping up like paper, very Not bad. It was not easy to buy before, and it was generally smuggled. It has been more convenient recently. Shenzhen 7-11 sells 18 yuan / pack. great.

3. I was looking for someone to buy yesterday. I bought cigarettes from him and took two ESSE menthol directly. I slowly smoked the taste. I didn’t burst the beads. Cost-effective. Suitable for long-term rations!

4. I feel that ESSE menthol cigarettes are OK. Moderate price/performance ratio. But the individual is biased towards Marlboro. Give me a brand new taste.

5. Looking for a ESSE menthol pepper cigarette for a long time today, finally found in a small shop next to the Internet cafe. That excitement (≧▽≦) / or familiar taste, is very good for the female dolls of us.

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