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?The world's first ultra-slim cigarette with a scented bead capsule.

Original and minty flavors will feel two different tastes. ESSE has its own gentle taste and smoothness + fresh apple mint flavor. The original taste of the product is full, and after exploding the bursting capsules in the filter, feel the fresh apple mint.

?Using KT&G Academia Sinica in combination with Yongjin Pharmaceuticals (KT&G Subsidiary) technology, it can be applied to the edible bead of pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics.

Product Type: Hybrid

Tar amount: 4mg

Nicotine amount: 0.3mg

Carbon monoxide amount: 2mg

Packing: hard box (20 per box, 10 boxes each)

Cigarette specifications: 100mm fine support

Small box barcode: 8801116005574

Barcode barcode: 8801116005581

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