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Chunghwa ( Greater China) "China (China)" embodies the "Chinese" brand of the highest level, the adhering to the "China" brand "area, small scale" formula design principle, pooling around the high-quality tobacco, insist on the line, car, someone special "three" manufacturing process;In YanZhi bold, "Chinese (China)" original "thick flavour low coke" concept, in will be reduced to "8 mg tar maintained the style of" Chinese flavor "at the same time;"Soft package sclerosis" technology is adopted to avoid the packaging innovation is limited by the "Chinese", highlight the details design, the integrated use of embossment, outline and miniature skills, better shows the "China" and classic lasting appeal. Product characteristics Type: type flue-cured tobacco specifications: 84 mm Tar: 8 mg smoke nicotine volume: 0.8 mg flue gas carbon monoxide: 9 mg The little box of bar code: 6901028074131 package bar code: 6901028074148

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