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A whole carton of Chung Hwa (Zhong Hua) Premium Chinese cigs. The brand prefered by bosses all over China. "China" brand has been the first brand of high-grade cigarette consumption market of China, has become the social elite status, embody the important accessories of value.In the past fifty years, the Chinese continually establish a modest but do not break nobility of style, won the universal praise highly high-end consumer groups, has become the absolute leader of the high-grade cigarette market in China. Zhonghua cigarettes has earned its reputation as the "smoke", the key is zhonghua cigarette smoking taste pure, high quality, rich fragrance.In order to put the good quality of zhonghua cigarettes, zhonghua comes out, has received great attention of leaders at all levels at the time, up to the country, the east China tobacco company and the Shanghai company, down to the factory, workshop leadership, have invested a lot of time and energy.Zhonghua cigarettes is basically in accordance with the principle of "there are as many cigarettes tobacco leaf production" for production.Due to the national economy foundation is weak, the domestic tobacco a serious shortage of supply, therefore, the output of the zhonghua cigarettes has also been lower, but the quality of zhonghua cigarettes are kept consistent. The Zhonghua cigarettes system products include: The full open 13 mg The 13 mg (hard) The 13 mg (soft) The drawer May 13 mg The 13 5000 mg The hard box of 10 mg 12 pens The hard box of 10 mg five pens The 13 mg (exclusively for export)

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