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Daqianmen soft cigarette


1. This cigarette is great. I like to smoke a large front door (soft) cigarette, I will give him a piece, and I fell in love with it. I am a sophomore student. I smoke at school every day with my buddies. I also smoke at home, less than half a day. I like the smell of plum in the big front door, so I can take a moment to refresh myself. The buddies around me let me drum up, no money, all the big front door. Really great cigarettes, the more you pump, the better.

2. I used to spend the last two periods, I was unemployed, I was depressed, I was depressed, I used to smoke, and I smoked 2, 3 packs a day, mainly because it was cheap, but it didn’t work for a while, but To be honest, the smoke is still quite soft. Now my situation is getting better, but I will occasionally buy a pack of tastes. 1 is to relive the feeling of the end of the year. Let me now cherish everything I have. 2 is that this smoke is really good. . Cigarettes under 10 yuan are the most cost-effective.

3. After all kinds of expensive cigarettes, listen to the students suggesting to smoke this cheap smoke, saying that it is a taste of Xiaosu. I bought a box this afternoon. It is good to have a plum flavor. It is lighter than the big chicken jujube of Taishan. Now the taste in the mouth is similar to Yuxi. Maybe I don't smoke so much, this stuff is much better than the Red General at the same price. Cost-effective.

4. This cigarette smells like a Chinese cigarette, smoking a faint plum flavor, it’s okay, it’s less.

5. To this year, it is just a big brand of 100 years. The price is close to the people, the smoke is smooth, the tobacco is full, the ash is white, and the ash is not ash. It is much less than the soft scent of the grass. The aroma is slightly Chinese.

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