Baisha hard cigarette

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Baisha hard cigarette


1. The old white sand is a good smoke. Now the price has not changed, the taste has not changed much, there is no smell, it is soft and soft, but now it seems to have dropped the focus, the smoke is not so big, not pumping.

2. This white sand is also a classic product, which is much more common in Guangdong than soft white sand. The packaging inherits the classic style of white sand, although the taste is slightly worse than the soft white sand, but the price is not bad.

3. Once the classic packaging, did not decline with the blooming of high-end smoke everywhere. The mellow taste and delicious aroma are the favorite of many smokers.

I have a former colleague who only smokes this hard white sand and gives him Chinese. He also has to change it into several packs of white sand to pump.

Tobacco supply is limited, and it needs to be matched with other high-end cigarettes that are not sold well before giving one or two.

4. I smoked this cigarette, but I don’t know why I didn’t sell the soft bag before. It’s very strange. The first time I smoked it was the white sand. I felt the smoke was very light, so I chose this one. Feeling is still good, huh, the price is still cheap.

5. Really, it is good to draw the last white sand. This taste is absolutely comfortable, why are we expensive 5 hair?

6. This hard white sand cigarette is still possible, the smell of smoke is not mixed, it is very pure, and the individual is comfortable with the group.

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